Learn everything you need to know about Parallels RAS

No matter how familiar you are with other similar products (i.e. Citrix XenApp, VMware Horizon, etc) there is a whole new world out there in the EUC space. If learning is your motto, welcome to the RAS University.

Many Lessons

We cover it all

From the basics and how Parallels RAS compares to other products, it is all here. At your own pace and completely free.


Learn it from the ground up. How a remoting solution works, no matter the vendor.


Sure Parallels RAS has a GUI. But why not dip your toes into PowerShell? All here.


Already familiar with other products? Learn how to move from them to Parallels RAS.

Advanced Topics

Go beyond the basics. Learn how to implement advanced features like Universal Printing, Image management and more.

Become an expert

That is the whole idea. Learn everything about Parallels RAS and have it as another tool on your toolbox. More tools, better service to your company or customers.

Learn by Doing

Hands-on Approach

It is all about getting your hands dirty. No better way to learn. Follow the lessons at your own pace on your own lab.

Achieve your goals

Learn it here. Get certified.

Parallels offers its own certification program. With everything you will learn here, you will get certified in a heartbeat. Easily.


Why Parallels RAS?

The answer is simple. It is not about Parallels RAS or any other product at all. The idea behind the EUC University is to teach you about as many EUC related products as possible. The best approach is to choose the right tool for the job. Reason why we want you to expand your toolbox. It is that simple

Free? Seriously?

Yep. 100% free. Not even annoying popups or ads, two things we at the EUC University hate with a passion. If we meet at any conference and you want to pay me a nice scotch or dinner, of course I will not say no.

Do you know your shit?

That I must agree with you, is debatable. Depending who you ask, answers will vary from dumb-ass to borderline genius. The great thing about such variety of classifications tied to my person is the fact I am sure I will please almost everyone. No matter what you like.

OK. Who the hell are you?

I am a long time EUC fanboy. Started around early 90s deploying the OS/2 based Citrix WinView. In the past 25 years I deployed everything out there, from WinView to Citrix Virtual Apps and VMware Horizon, with a couple New Moon Canaveral IQ deployments in the mix…

Ready to get started?

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