Parallels RAS 8hours

A step-by-step course, with everything you need to know about the EUC industry and one of its most relevant products in the SMB space, Parallels RAS.

Lesson 1 : EUC History

EUC What? Learn about what EUC is, its vendors and how we got to what you see in the wild today.


Lesson 2 : EUC Components

Yes, there are many vendors in the EUC space. Each one with their own products and technologies. But at the end of the day, they are pretty much all the same. Once you learn the core components for one product, you will have learned it for all of them. Trust me.


Lesson 3 : Basic Parallels RAS deployment

You know what EUC is and the building blocks of any EUC solution. Let’s use that knowledge and build your first Parallels RAS solution.


Cláudio Rodrigues


Loved and hated by many in the EUC industry due to his honest opinions about all products out there. Not afraid to call shit shit, we are certain you will learn something and have fun along the way.